Nathan Cline grew up hiking, camping, fishing, foraging, and hunting in the deep woods around his home. He began making and modifying his own tools as a child. One Christmas he received a gift certificate for a blacksmithing course; by the end of the first class he was helping to teach his fellow students.

Eventually, he built a blacksmith shop in the backyard and, as his skills grew, started making knives for others. He’s currently working toward journeyman ranking in the American Bladesmith Society, with the aim of eventually achieving the rank of Master Bladesmith and instructor. 

On the side, he’s a master carpenter, bass guitarist, and inventor who makes the world’s best spaghetti. He’s rescued baby squirrels and racoons, and makes friends with hummingbirds. In his spare time, he’s searching for the secret home of the morel mushroom, roaming mountains, streams, and seas with his ginormous German Shepherd Grizz (short for Grizzlebear), and always, always chasing the world’s tastiest salmon. 



Nathan and Grizz foraging for mushrooms
Nathan and his squirrel friend, Willow
Nathan and Grizz investigating ancient stumps on the Oregon coast

Ordering a Nathan Cline knife or tool

Nathan creates knives and tools for both general utility (as in “everyday carry” woodscraft knives) and specific purposes (for example, the very specialized mushroom foraging knife). They are designed to be comfortable in the hand and well-indexed, i.e., they become an extension of your hand and stay firmly in your grip even when wet.

He also makes custom, one-of-a-kind designs to fix extra-large (or small) hands, very specific purposes, or to match a famous tool from history. He’s always happy to work with you on a unique blade that fits your exact specifications. Contact us for more information.

Nathan hand-sanding a cleaver handle
The first knife Nathan ever made