Do I need to do anything special to maintain my new knife?

Nathan Cline knives require nothing special in the way of maintenance, but there are a few things you should plan to do (or not do):

  • DO store your knife securely, either in presentation case, on a clean magnetic rack (we prefer the ones covered with wood instead of those with metal rails), in a slotted knife block, or in its own slot in a knife drawer.
  • DO NOT drop your knife in a drawerful of other kitchen tools (unless it has its own compartment). Letting a good-quality knife bang around with serving forks and meat thermometers could not only damage the handle or sharpened edge, it’s also an accident waiting to happen.
  • DO keep your knife sharp, by regularly stropping it on a leather or a steel to enhance the edge. It should be professionally sharpened (or you can purchase a good-quality sharpening system and do it yourself) every year.
  • DO NOT let water sit on the blade, or set a damp blade on a magnetic rack: It will rust.
  • DO wipe the dry blade with small amount of edible oil or wax every so often. This will help prevent rust and preserve a low sheen.
  • DO occasionally apply a coat of oil or wax on wooden handles and buff to a low sheen.
  • DO remember that resin handles are beautiful but can scratch. A properly stored knife should be fine, but if your handle gets scratched, you can usually buff it out with a good polish and a soft cloth.