We’re HUGE fans of Forged in Fire at Nathan Cline Knives; visit the forge when Nathan’s creating, and that’s the show most often playing on the forge TV. It’s a lunchtime staple and we love David, J, Doug, and Ben.

Try a Forged-in-Fire strength test on a Nathan Cline knife, though, and we’ll haunt you forever. ;-)

Forged in Fire tests contestants’ weapons “to destruction,” meaning they inflict as much hell on the knife as they can in the shortest time possible. They are TRYING (hard) to make the knife fail, which is not only a fast way to find a winner but makes for great TV.

In real life, though, the point is to use the knife, not destroy it. Nathan Cline knives are made for seriously hard use, whether in the kitchen or deep in backcountry. Smashing the edge of your knife on a horse skull, or driving it into an ammo box is a good way to ruin a significant and beautiful investment.