Nathan Cline’s elegantly styled meat cleavers pay homage to the Japanese Nakiri. Rectangular, with a slightly curved blade for efficient chopping, they boast a hidden tang and subtle embellishments. The high-precision edge geometry promises several lifetimes of easy slicing.

Nathan currently makes two styles of cleaver: This Nakiri, made for rapid, precise slicing of fish and meats, and the workhorse Western cleaver. The Western is the larger and heavier of the two, giving it a gravity boost to easily move through hard rinds and bone.

This cleaver is made from advanced high-carbon alloys with a satin finish. It boasts a hidden tang inside a beautiful wood handle, secured by both epoxy and a tension-set “Roman” pin, made of bronze. The handle is capped with subtle accent metals.

Pink Ivory Nakiri-style Cleaver
  • W2 high-carbon steel
  • Differentially heat-treated hamon
  • Pink ivory handle with through-tang
  • Custom Damascus & brass bolster
  • 11 x 2 in/28 x 5 cm
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